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The information below is for Cream City Foundation to better understand the populations we serve. We will not release this information to the public.
We support every individual's right to self-identify in regards to their sexual orientation and gender identity. In order for us to better understand the people we are serving, we ask that you select the options that most closely apply to you.

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High School/Home School/GED* (If you have attended more than one school, only use details of the latest institution below.)

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Personal Biography

Please write a brief personal biography highlighting your work, goals, and merits. This statement will serve as an introduction to our Board of Directors and as a website bio for those who choose that option. Please write this statement in the third person as in the example below. (Maximum 100 words.) (Example: Taylor Williams is attending the University of Wisconsin and pursuing an undergraduate degree in Political Science. An advocate for the rights of communities of color and LGBTQ communities, they hope to instigate change through action, inspiring youth to recognize their own potential to learn and transform the world. Taylor has made becoming an immigration lawyer their long-term goal, working with communities that are frequently denied access to resources due to their identities and social spheres.)

Essay Questions

Please complete each the following required essays. (Maximum 750 words per question).

Waiver and Personal Information Release

If you receive this scholarship, we may wish to publicly release your information. Please let us know which of these things you agree to. Additionally, regardless of whether or not you receive this scholarship, corporate donors to this scholarship fund may be interested in contacting you regarding possible internship opportunities at their companies. Please let us know if you are comfortable with us releasing your contact information to them. We will not release your contact information to individuals who have made donations to this scholarship. Regardless of your answer, there will be no bearing on the selection process.